Cameron Chick 4 Congress NM CD1

"A Change For The Better"

Let’s Make a Stand

Vote Cameron Chick 4 Congress NM CD1 

Join us in supporting and forwarding the political agendas of Cameron Chick. He will run for a seat in the First Congressional District of New Mexico. We invite everyone in and around Albuquerque to vote for Cameron in 2020!

Political Agendas 

  • Medicare For All-The Medicare for All Act will provide comprehensive health care to every man, woman and child in our country -- without out-of-pocket expenses. No more insurance premiums, deductibles or co-payments. Further, this bill improves Medicare coverage to include dental, hearing and vision care. In other words, this plan would do exactly what should be done in a civilized and democratic society. It would allow all Americans, regardless of their income, to get the health care they need when they need it.
  • Green New Deal-A Green New Deal is a big, bold transformation of the economy to tackle the twin crises of inequality and climate change. It would mobilize vast public resources to help us transition from an economy built on exploitation and fossil fuels to one driven by dignified work and clean energy.
  • Housing For All-Recognizing housing as a human right will make it possible for each person to realize his or her potential and for our society to thrive and prosper. Like the minimum wage, Housing For All would provide a floor, not a ceiling, for every citizen. People would still be able to strive for more, but every resident would have a place to strive from.
  • Reproductive Freedom & Privacy-A decision about having a baby or having an abortion is a deeply personal, private decision best left to a woman, her family, and her doctor. Yet some politicians remain obsessed with interfering.
  • Increase Wages For Public Education Teachers

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